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What is Doom Epidemic?

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This site: doomworld.com/epidemic has always intrigued me when I was going to this site's front page. It has a crazy, unhealthy name to it. However, when I go to it now, it says "Under construction". Wasn't it actually available years before or am I dreaming?

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Bloodshedder said:

That looks like a nice website for Doom fans, and thanks for these links to show what the website was like back then.

Mr. Chris said:

Permanently under construction it seems.

If that's the case, then it looks like they'll never finish the website because they'll be building the website for the rest of their lives. :P

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If I had to make something titled Doom epidemic, it would be a game mode with X amount of players and they all fight against waves of enemies, but when they die, they don't die they just turn into a former human. The winner is the one that is the lone survivor. As for the former humans, when they die, they just respawn, but the longer the live they turn into former sergeants, former commandos, imps, knights, barons, then the cyber demon :-)

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