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General Rainbow Bacon

More doom 2 hardtype maps

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I might check it out with Brutal Doom if it doesn't bring my framerate to single digits.

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Is it possible to get 100% kills on this map?

Lots of areas you go and kill like 8 monsters and then there is no ammo!


Just finished it. Took about 30 minutes playing it safe. Had 38 shells, 52 bullets, and 6 rockets left. 36 health and 45 armor. Whew. 100% kills, and then I got trapped because I thought something would be in the secret behind the exit.

That was a cheap trick, I figured I would up your game and noclip out of there!

After I got the berserk I basically killed every enemy I could reach with punching, except for the revenants because you can never be sure with them.

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The idea of a hardtype Doom 2 sounds like a lot of fun.

Edit: Then again, that might not stop the megawad from being illegal. I still like the idea, though. (looking forward to a hardtype map16, by the way)

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