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Did A_Fire have teleportation behavior in Doom 2 v1.666?

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Currently and definitively, A_Fire can only teleport a homing missile or an Archvile fire into the destination object's face, if the shooter can see it.

However, I saw a Doom 2 v1.666 Dehacked mod where an Archvile was cycling through the demon-spawning-fire frames, and at each cycle, the Archvile was being teleported to random locations -- sometimes even into the floor. There were no codepointer changes. The effect was very convincing, but also unstable, crashing the game regularly.

How could possibly the A_Fire code look back then, allowing monster teleportation with faults?

The mod was RJDOOM, and was distributed with a hacked Doom2.exe directly, no DEHs. I can't find it in /idgames, neither its homepage.

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