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Any good dmd converters?

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I'm currently working on a kind of mod for Risen 3D, but I can't find any dmd scripts or conversion programs with a google search, anything that shows up has broken links. Any way to either convert it to and from .obj or import/export into Blender?

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What you want is md2tool (converts MD2<>DMD) which can be found here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/deng/files/md2tool/1.2.0/

Typical workflow:
1) Author 3D model in app of choice (e.g., Blender)
2a) Export to obj/3ds/whatever exchange format [, then|or]
2b) Convert to MD2 format
3) Use md2tool to process your MD2 into a DMD (adding LOD data, etc...)

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