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Magnum Express

Translucent Middle textures in ZDoom (Doom in UDMF Format)

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Simply put, I can not find a single way to do this in DB2. You might as well through in breakable glass, because I'm curious about that, too.

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Line actions> translucent> translucent line. Set a value (175 is usually good). Breakable glass I believe is also a line action. But you need a breaking glass switch: one texture depicting normal glass, one depicting broken glass. If you don't have a switch, it will not change the texture and your glass will be lame. You will be able to walk through it after shooting, but no sound will play.

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In UDMF, you don't need to bother with line actions. You could, maybe, look at the wiki and see that there's an alpha property. 1.0 is opaque, 0.0 is transparent, anything in between is translucent.

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