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Doom 2 Nomonsters built TAS (13:56)

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Hey guys. After making demos like 30no1633 and 30ka1610 I understood that I make demos too quickly and the times are bad. So, this time I'm going to be the optimal.
This is my D2 nomonsters built TAS in 13:56. I found only one new trick - another jump on map03 (tell me if it's already found - I'll correct the post). I made everything I can and got good times.

Look at the time:

Episode/Map   Map Name        Time   30no1633        

____________________EPISODE 1________________

MAP01        "Entryway"       0:04    -0:01	        
MAP02       "Underhalls"      0:13    -0:11	        
MAP03       "The Gantlet"     0:21    -0:02	
MAP04        "The Focus"      0:18    -0:02	
MAP05    "The Waste Tunnels"  0:19    -0:05	    
MAP06       "The Crusher"     0:42    -0:04     
MAP07       "Dead Simple"     0:06    -0:03     
MAP08     "Tricks and Traps"  0:16    -0:02         
MAP09        "The Pit"        0:33    -0:16	   
MAP10      "Refueling Base"   0:21    -0:04	    

_______EPISODE 1:             3:13____-0:50                    
_______TOTAL:                 3:13____-0:50             
_____________________EPISODE 2______________

MAP11     "Circle of Death"   0:25    -0:05     
MAP12       "The Factory"     0:35    -0:04     
MAP13        "Downtown"       0:53    -0:02     
MAP14     "The Inmost Dens"   0:07    -0:02     
MAP15     "Industrial Zone"   0:26    -0:03
MAP31       "Wolfenstein"     0:28    -0:03
MAP16        "Suburbs"        0:10    -0:02     
MAP17       "Tenements"       1:16    -0:09    
MAP18     "The Cortyard"      0:19    -0:02
MAP19     "The Citadel"       0:30    -0:11
MAP20       "Gotcha!"         0:32    -0:02

______EPISODE 2:              5:41____-0:45
______TOTAL:                  8:54____-1:35

____________________EPISODE 3______________

MAP21       "Nirvana"         0:12    -0:03
MAP22    "The Catacombs"      0:12    -0:12
MAP23    "Barrels o' fun"     0:30    -0:04
MAP24      "The Chasm"        0:25    -0:09
MAP25      "Bloodfalls"       0:38    -0:01
MAP26  "The Abandoned Mines"  0:26    -0:04
MAP27    "Monster Condo"      0:31    -0:06 (!)
MAP28   "The Spirit World"    0:32    -0:02
MAP29   "The Living End"      1:08    -0:20 (!!)
MAP30     "Icon of Sin"       0:29    -0:01

_____EPISODE 3:               5:02____-1:02(!!!)
_____TOTAL:                  13:56____-2:37
Hope you enjoy.

EDIT: Ouch, incorrect TXT. fixed.
EDIT: Crap, there was 1 more mistake in TXT. Fixed.


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I watched it and first thing what caught my eye is that it is MUCH more pleasant to watch than your previous runs. No more useless 180-degree-turns and so on.

Remember that the fastest route with monsters is not always the same with nomonsters. For example, in map10 going first for the blue key is faster.

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Thanks for kind words and for the tip. It worked, I made 21'88. Now 50 seconds cut and 30no1544 is now beaten. :D
Map11 is coming very soon. I could do the rocket jump, now the one (or two?) thing to do is wait for boring elevators and write some gf50+sr50 tics... :)

EDIT: New update. Now 14 maps in 5:13.

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It's done. The time is:
13:56! Holy damn, it's UNDER 14 MINS! This was my dream!.. :)
Find the demo in first post and enjoy! :D

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