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WiP maps... are they any good?

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These maps are a mixture of new maps, and older maps that have been polished and extended. I was trying to go with a cramped, claustrophobic style, but not too tiny, so I made some bits bigger than they used to be.
I'm just looking for a bit of feedback on them, and what I can improve.
They include a few new textures too, some from nick baker's sets and some (like the doors and pretty much all textures in map05) are from the Doom alphas.
the levels are at varying levels of completion. Some don't have any monsters.

map01 is a very short map. there's not much to say about it although it's quite detailed.
map02 was made a short while ago, then remastered a small amount. pr0ps to Super Jamie for helping me out with this one
map03 was made a long time ago, then I expanded some areas, removed some unneeded bits and added a bit to the start of the level. There aren't any monsters in the new area yet.
map04 has been made a bit more spacious, plus it has been made more easy to navigate. the exit has been clarified.
map05 is probably the best one out of the lot. It could be great for deathmatch. It has rooms over rooms and makes extensive use of the alpha textures. it also has a cool teleporting pillar - once you turn it on you can run through it to quickly get between the two floors. however, it has no exit right now.

the file can be downloaded here.

thanks for your input :)

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The three maps that I've played through where pretty good Nixot. the only problem I can see is that you've posted this thread in the wrong forum.

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