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Guest DBoy

Team based singleplayer mod

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Guest DBoy

Hello everyone, I am new to these forums so I apologize for any newbie mistakes. Anyways, I ran into this Doom mod called Urban Slaughter, which is an invasion type of map. You can see gameplay of it here. What's interesting about this mod is the friendly AI soldiers that help you fight off the enemies. I would love to see this concept taken further. A campaign about the events that lead up to Doom 2, with earth being invaded by Hell. I also absolutely love that map in Urban Slaughter, this mod could use similar, realistic design for it's maps. The story could be about a major city like New York or some other being invaded by Hell. There would be 3 major type of missions:

1) You and a large group of marines and turrets hold off against large waves of enemies. This would be alot like Urban Slaughter mod, but the mission would end after you have killed all the monsters. Now I don't know how much work (if at all possible) would be involved in doing this, but you could add a tactical element to this mission type by allowing you to place the turrets yourself, and possibly choose the location where to spawn a group of marines. Then build the map to support this tactical element, with various vantage points. Some missions could add cool elements in, like holding off until reinforcements can arrive, then when they do, take the fight to the enemy.

2) You and your bad-ass commando team of 3-4 elite marines do various missions, not just defending. All the marines would be unique personalities, with unique appearance, voice, and weapon. E.g. a heavy weapons guy, a sniper, etc. This mission type would require a bit more advanced AI, at the very least the team members should be able to follow you around. If you could order the team (or individuals) to stand still or to follow you around (much like you can do in Half-Life 1), that would be even better. But just following you around could be enough, if the missions were designed with enough space for the AI to move and no jumping or tricky parts. The team members could make up for their simplistic AI by having quite alot of hit points, and they could heal up automatically over time.

3) Commando missions where you fight alone. These would of course be similar to normal Doom gameplay, but it would add variation into the campaign. There should be more mission types 1 and 2 though, with these missions appearing every now and then to change things up.

Any thoughts on this? Can any of you experienced Doom modders out there say if this is doable at all, and if it would require too much work. Also I would love to hear any suggestions and ideas about this concept. Would anyone be willing to work on this mod?

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