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I have a lab project at DeVry Online to create a 3 level doom like fps and I would like to use some of Freedoom's resources. I don't be using much just a few textures for the floors, walls and ceiling and some of the monster sprites, explosions and guns and some of the sound effects. Its not going to be much because I only have the rest of this week to do it. I wouldn't ask but the tutorial that we use in game maker for this assignment uses Doom resources and I don't think ID would grant me permission in the limited time I have. Please let me know either here or by email as soon as possible. Thanks!

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You can use Freedoom resources without permission, as long as you mention that they came from Freedoom and that it follows it's modified BSD license. You can even sell it if you want.

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DarinM1967 said:

I really appreciate your quick response. Take care and have a good day!

No problem. :)

Just curious, you gonna be sticking around the Doom community?

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I'm not a FPS person, I'm more of a RPG person, mainly because I don't have the reflexes nor the tempermate to play FPS. Its just a project I need to do for DeVry Online University. I am grateful for allowing me to use your resources and I am glad to see a great game like Doom surviving in the open source community. I only wish more games were kept a live. I think you all are doing a great service to a great game. I remember the first time I tried to play doom back in the 90s, while I was working out of a flea market. It was one of the coolest game out and in some ways probably still is. Thanks again.

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