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Even more stuff from Soda

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Got two new WADs this time. First one is some flat adjustments and replacements. Second one is an example WAD of how I think the GRAY5 texture should be set up.

WAD 1 download here: http://www.mediafire.com/?xl6lhqkr13wq0aj

All flats inside are no different than the current ones, other than alignment adjustments unless otherwise noted. The alignment change was needed, as they didn't have the same alignment as the normal Doom flats, which could cause some issues with PWADs.

The ones that have more than simple alignment changes are listed below:

CEIL3_5/CEIL3_6 - current versions look nothing like they're supposed to. I've made some completely new flats to be vertical bricks instead of a grid.

CONS1_* - These are different than the ones I submitted last time. Still loosely based on PDF's work, I made some adjustments so everything was aligned exactly as the current version is, to alleviate wesleyjohnson's fears. It actually kinda looks better this way too, in my opinion.

CRATOP1 - Fixed two stray dark pixels in the corner, tiling will be far less noticeable now.

FLAT1 - Added the missing diagonal stripes.

FLAT4 - Realigned, and no different, except that I slightly brightened the background, as the contrast was quite jarring.

WAD 2 download here: http://www.mediafire.com/?1d7i28vg7qb6p31

This proposed change to the texture definition allows both the current version and the proper version of the GRAY5 texture to coexist inside the IWAD, so that PWADs will use the proper version, and all the IWAD maps won't be affected, due to using the old version.

The only change that needs to be made to get the original version of GRAY5 back into the IWAD's maps is to automatically replace all instances of GRAY5 with GRAY5FDM.

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I updated WAD 1.

It has a new SLIME16 texture, as the original was both very incorrect in hue and value, and it was very grainy for some reason. This newer one isn't as much of a farcry from id's version (and is much more pleasing to look at).

I also updated my version of CEIL3_5/CEIL3_6. This one has some details like bolts that I accidentally left out, the alignment is more correct, and the borders between panels is more pronounced and not as large.

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I am all for better alignment with established textures, because of all the PWAD that may be using some odd corner.
Downloaded the wads but cannot usefully look at the textures.
Exploding only gives me all the patches.
Does not seem to work as a PWAD.
For people to easily see these textures, they probably need to be in a test PWAD side by side with the alternatives.

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I was testing this with ZDoom, so the alternate wall textures might not work on ports that replace and don't merge texture files like ZDoom does. The flats should still work on any port, nonetheless.

Is there any chance that these flats will make it in at some point?

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