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Questions for My WIP

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I am making a WAD for DooM II, and I was wondering about a few things (NOTE: I have little experience with this stuff, so please say it in a way a Newbie can understand) :

1: How to change or remove par times:
If there is no easy way to change them, how to get rid of them all-together, like in DooM 64 where it just shows how long it took to beat it.

2: How to Change level names as seen in the Automap and the Intermission Screen.
If I want my level to be called "Gibbet" instead of "The Inmost Dens", how do I do it?

3: How to change End-Chapter messages
When MAP06, MAP11, MAP20, MAP30, and secret exits are used, how to change the story-update message.

If you can help me, I would be extremely thankful.

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You can change the level names in the intermission screens by supplying replacement graphics in the WAD file for the level names (for example, map14's name graphic is CWILV13). You can use XWE or SLADE for this.

If you want your thing to be vanilla compatible, you can use DeHackEd to change automap strings and intermission text. However, you can't use DeHackEd to change par times.

If you want your thing to be Boom compatible, you can use BEX to change automap strings, intermission text and par times. BEX is better since the number of characters you can have for each thing is unlimited, unlike DeHackEd. In each case, it is best to use WhackEd2 to make your deh or bex file.

If you want your mod to be ZDoom compatible, you can use MAPINFO as BloodyAcid stated above.

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