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[BOOM]After the eclipse 11 MAPS

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Hello Doomworld,

I'm presenting my new work, a Boom wad. At the beginning, it was set to be a megawad, but i don't have enough time for a whole megawad...
I couldn't make a megawad, and Katamori recommended me to make a wad that has 11 maps.

I did that, and now i've finished it.

Name: After the eclipse

It's a boom-compatible wad, with some new textures from Afterglow.
I also used music from the dps wad, Scythe II, and real musics in midi format.



MAP01 - Escape from UAC
MAP02 - District
MAP03 - A problem at home
MAP04 - Train station
MAP05 - Train fight
MAP06 - Crash to hotel
MAP07 - Secret UAC base
MAP08 - Mars anomaly (i think this name is already taken, but i couldn't figure out a better name)
MAP09 - Otherworld
MAP10 - Space station
MAP11 - The twins

It's my first released Doom project, Katamori helped me a lot, thanks to him. :)

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Played some of it.

Decent looking and the first two maps have good gameplay.

One very big problem is that you haven't put enough ammo in any of the other maps, and thus pistol starting anything past level 2 is impossible. Unless there is ammo in the secrets, but you can't assume the player will find all of your secrets so you have to put in enough ammo in case they don't look.

Otherwise, good start. Keep up the mapping.


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I already played with earlier versions. Those were definitely worse, but now, it's not a bad work.

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Thank you. :)

I know i didn't put enough ammo for the first 4 maps, i tried to make it hard, then after map04 you'll relax a bit. :D

I always make this mistake on my maps, i'll try to change it.

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