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megawad.wad e3m7 music

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I swear I remember often playing some 2D space shooter game when I was little with music that sounded extremely similiar to this.
I`m looking for it right now. I have no idea what it was called though.

By the way, thanks for showing me this wad.
I just had a huge nostalgia attack when I heard some tunes that were used here and there (E1M2, E3M2, E2M6 especially, it was used in some fangames I played over ten years ago). I mostly wonder where E1M2 is from. I knew the entire song by heart for some reason, but it`s origin is buried somewhere in the farest, unreachable corners of my brain.
This wad is so wonderfully 90s.

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NoneeLlama said:

E1M2 is Frankenstien by the Edgard Winter Group.
E3M2 is passport.mid, wich was a midi file found in earlier Windows OS's.

Aah thanks. :D
Very interesting!
I had never heard the real version of that Frankenstein song, it was always just a midi. And now that I hear it, it kinda sounds like a happier version of the beginning of Nine Inch Nails` song "Last".

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