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DoomBuilder 2 in VirtualBox is blank

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I'm using ubuntu 11.10, and I'm trying to get Doombuilder 2 to run in virtualbox with windows 7.

It starts up fine, but when it opens a map, everything is black. No lines, no things, no grid. But it's all there. I just can't see it. Hovering my mouse over things shows that the map exists. I just don't get if this is some emulation problem or what.

DB2 doesn't work on wine, either.

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Yeah, I did that. Doombuilder2 used to not open and say "Direct3D is not supported" before I installed it. I have no idea what else to do now.

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Just tried it out with a Windows XP running in VirtualBox, with enabled 3D acceleration and guest additions with Direct3D support. Works surprisingly well, only issue I have was with the mouse resolution in 3D mode.

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