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Doom Builder 2 texture bug? Help wanted!

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I can probably fill the entire board with Doom Builder bugs and problems, but I'll just start off with this one: texturing in Doom Builder's visual mode doesn't correspond to the ingame result at ALL. Like, never.

The stock Doom textures seem to do 'ok', but as soon as I try custom textures the adjustments I make in visual mode have NO impact on the result ingame AT ALL. Is there any explenation to why this is, and how I can avoid this? I'm sick of the stock Doom textures so I won't settle for that. I'm using Doom Builder 2 (custom version from DRD Team or whatever its called) and XWE for the textures.

With some Googling I found a couple of old Doomworld-topics that mentioned the same problem with textures not alligning, but they say its because of the GZDoom visual mode and that it only works in UDMF format. Well, I'm using Skulltag UDMF and the problem is still there.

I'm sorry if I seem a little stressed, but DB2's bugs really annoy the freaking piss out of me and it kicks out any creative inspiration and motivation I might have for a map or project I'm working on.

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But I am using UDMF format.

I can use the regular visual mode, but I scale my textures so it will never give me an accurate ingame representation,

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