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Hell's Ingress - A Hell Gate remake

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Hanging torso (thing 294) blocks the player, which is annoying.
Four pillars with revenants (sectors 130-133) don't lower in vanilla compatibility mode (prboom-plus.exe -complevel 2). In vanilla doom sector can't move when something is stuck in its ceiling.

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FDA I couldn't find the secret. I looked for obvious signs, but saw none heh.

It was a pretty short and small map, but it was quite fun. The textures were pretty messy aligned though, you should improve that to give the map a facelift as well :)

The ammo balance and fight's could be improved, but this is at least a start in the right direction (*cough* slaughter *cough*)

I played with complevel_2 just as Memfis must've done...? Maybe that's why I couldn't find the secret.

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Thanks guys. Reuploaded with some fixes.

I've changed the pillars so they work in complevel 2 now, and changed the torso to an non blocking thing.

Also fixed the texture alignment, I thought I had fixed those before..
Also made the secret slightly easier to find.

I know ammo placement could be better...seems a bit difficult because I want you to start with a plasmagun, like the original map.

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