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What should a Doom Imp protagonist be able to do?

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Supposing the player character is a Doom Imp instead of a marine, what would he be able to do to attack opponents? For starters, there'll be the regular fire projectile and claw attack, but hasted in such a manner to be useful. If a black imp, use those purple projectiles instead etc.

But what else would an Imp protagonist use? Something else than the weapons from the enemies, because he'd probably just burn them in his hands, or misfire. Just fireballs and claws would get monotonous. I'd look for something else than magical abracadabra, or Archvile burning/raising abilities (even if they're cool), because he's an Imp, not an Archvile.

So here's other things I've found:

- teleportation. All Doom monsters can teleport, and so would this guy. But it would have to be tightly controlled by the plot, so you can't just run past any enemies, or directly to the exit.

- cloaking. I believe the canceled Eternity TC death imps can do that, or not? Anyway, something like on-command partial invisibility.

- (homing) Lost Soul projectiles. There have been old Dehacked mods where the fireballs were graphically replaced by lost souls. Not a real Lost Soul, he's not a Pain Elemental, and it would destabilize the gameplay to spawn allies everywhere.

Any other ideas that would fit? Probably access to the Unmaker weapon, or other hellish artifacts?

I also like the idea of eating the corpses of enemies (because why not) to restore health. No medikits available, obviously. But soulspheres, maybe yes.

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Seduce the enemies to infect them with demonic herpes.

Beware of berserked marines, though.

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Probably some sort of special melee attacks, attack parrying or a bullet-time mode to simulate its increased agility -e.g. compare how Doom 3 imps can run rings around the player if they only "want" to.

Also, improved running/climbing abilities. If a human (doomguy) can run at 45 mph with his human body and metabolism, surely a demonic/reptilian humanoid creature could do much better than dragging its feet.

Now for the sad truth: such mods always got a bad rep, perhaps because of Rampage Doom. I recall there was also an older planned mod where the player was a human affected by "Imp lycanthropy" and would turn to an imp in certain circumstances.

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Maes said:

Now for the sad truth: such mods always got a bad rep, perhaps because of Rampage Doom.

That's because they're very hard to do: you need new sprites for your new hands, and a huge gameplay change. There are a few good examples (I think), such as Ghouls vs Humans.

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He should be able to communicate with other imps to organize gangbangs ambushes.

Maybe some skills in ikebana too.

(good idea with eating corpses and yeah, spheres should stay)

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There was a weapon mod once where you were an imp. You could fire fireballs and scratch enemies, but the rest of the guns were just things like a stolen mancubus cannon and a stolen marine rifle. I believe you also got the unmaker. It was alright but since there were no levels developed specifically for it, it didn't show much potential.

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