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Cann't find the Brutal Doom Wad file

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Hello Dear friends

I new here, and this is my first post, new to me :)

since I was a child, I play doom.

I saw at "you tube" that there is a special version of doom

"brutal doom" , I down loaded the ZDOOM 2.5.0 ,

but I the WAD file of Brutal doom is not there,I try to find here

but I didn't find.

can anyone please send a link to this wad file?

thank you all

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thank you very much ,
I downloaded the file , but the file is ending with .pk3

and I cann't open it with the ZDOOM.

what can I do?

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I open the file ( with winRAR) , there are a lot of files there,
and I cann't find the BRUTALDOOM.wad file,

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First: there exist two versions of Brutal Doom: one for Skulltag and the other for GZDoom. Make sure you use the proper one. (I'm not sure the GZDoom version works with ZDoom; but I know the Skulltag one certainly won't.)

Secondly: read this for information on how to run mods.

Thirdly: Brutal Doom might require a more recent version than 2.5.0: a development build. They can be downloaded from here.

Fourthly: for the latest versions of Brutal Doom, check its own site.

Fifthly: there (normally) are no wad files inside a pk3. You're not supposed to extract anything from them.

Good luck getting it work!

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I understand what i need to do,

I copy the Doom2 wad file

and the brutal...pk3 file, to the GZDOOM directory

I dragged the brutaldoom file to the GZDOOM ,

and I got this message: FATAL ERROR

Execution could not continue.

Script error, "brutaldoomv014.pk3:stbfg10k" line 1:
Replaced type 'BFG10K' not found in BFG10000

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hello dear friends

unfortunatly I had an accident , this is the reason I didn't replay for a few days.

I whave the GZDOOM , but I can't play with it, I'm not strong enaugh in the software world, I would like to play with the GZDOOM,
I also try to load the second version the skatlug. but itws not working.

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sub1234 said:



Err, anyway.

go here

Download the one that is marked as being for ZDoom and GZDoom.

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