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DECORATE inquiry: things that don't move when ya shoot 'em

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OK so I've made a "lightable torch"... that is, you "kill" it and it turns on. It works great! ... for the most part. Only thing is... sometimes, when I hit it with a powerful shot, the thing will go reeling. Now obviously I know I can stop this from happening by putting solid walls around it, but I wanted to know if there was something else I could do to prevent it from happening.

Here's the DECORATE code for it:

Actor LightableTorch 6254
	SpawnID 254
	Health 2
	Radius 8
	Height 104
		TORC A 1
		WTRH ABC 6 Bright A_NoBlocking
This is for my Heretic TC, and I'm using GZDOOM.

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A mass of 0x7FFFFFFF should cushion practically all blows. You can also, in addition, do something like this:

		WTRH A 0 Bright A_Stop
		WTRH ABC 6 Bright A_NoBlocking

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