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Script to regenerate health overtime

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So as the title says, is it possible to make a script that will regenerate health over time? Like in FPS games, once damaged after 3-5 seconds health will gain 1%/sec ? Thanks in advance

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I don't know, but I'm sure if you posted this on the skulltag forum, you'd have 3 answers within 5 minutes.

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Yes sir. What you can do is set up a loop to constantly monitor the player's health and if it ever drops below 100 (but is above 0, meaning he's still alive), you force a delay for just a few seconds then refill his health until either he's hit again (causing yet another delay) or his health tops off at 100.

I whipped up a quick example and it seems to work really well. Here's the code itself, followed by an example WAD:

#include "zcommon.acs"

int health = 100;

script 999 ENTER
    //Assign yourself an ID

script 1 ENTER
        //Constantly work while health is under 100
        While(GetActorProperty(1337,APROP_Health)<100 && GetActorProperty(1337,APROP_Health)>0)
            //After each hit you take, wait for regeneration
                health = GetActorProperty(1337,APROP_Health);
                Delay(105);//Determines how long you must wait until regeneration begins
            //Perform the regeneration one hit point at a time
            health = GetActorProperty(0, APROP_Health);
            SetActorProperty(1337, APROP_Health, health + 1);
            Delay(2);//Determines how quickly health is restored during regeneration

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thanks a lot for the script, I'll have a look on it and will use it in my wad, hopefully I will post my WIP in a few weeks, since I'm doing it alone and I want lots of stuff in it it will take a while, but I'm making some progress

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