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Demon Research

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Here's a single level WAD I originally made for CC4. It was one of the first maps I made, and looking back I think it's pretty crappy, but some of the testers seemed to like it. Make sure you have a good amount of time on your hands, because it might take a few hours to beat.


It runs on Map28 and requires cc4-tex. It's supposed to be Boom-compatible, but it might break the segs limit.

Here are some screenshots:





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That's one hell of a big REJECT lump! I'll take a look at the map tonight when there should be fewer distractions.

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FDA. I died about halfway through, if the monster count is to be believed, due to a very poor choice, and gave up as there were important issues that will require some changes anyway.

The REJECT is probably broken in some way, as GreyGhost might have suggested (?). Some monsters didn't see me while I was walking right next to them.

Monsters were sometimes placed in spots where they didn't have enough room to move at all. ZDoom is more lax in that regard, but in vanilla/Boom you need slightly more than the actual size of the monster.

The floor was also very, very bumpy. This is another thing that won't show if you test in ZDoom or derivatives due to the camera being smoother or whatever, but in Boom it's fairly tedious.

All in all, you couldn't have missed these three issues (well, perhaps just the first two, as most people don't seem to be bothered by the third one as much as I am) if you ran through the map once in a Boom-compatible engine. I don't mean to say you should force yourself to use a source port you don't like; rather, you should mention which port was used to test your map if it differs from the targeted compatibility.

Apart from that, the map isn't bad. It felt somehow generic, the traps being a bit telegraphed and nothing making me want to really replay it, but just as well there wasn't anything particulary tedious, annoying or unfair about it. It was average, the kind of map you'd play to the end once, which I think is better than most for a first effort.

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