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Which of the Strife endings is your favourite?

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WARNING: spoilers below (not recommended to read) if you haven't finished Strife

Okay, which of the two victorious endings do you like best in Strife? I prefer the less optimistic one, because I find it more realistic for a group of people who had to hide in the underground for a long time. It might seem kinda pessimistic in parts, but it's more likely that people are still worried and scared, even if the enemy (who is a freaky alien itself) got defeated.

Also, Entity's voice when you're about to get the idealistic ending sounds weak, like a human not like an alien. And you get to look like a silver age super hero.

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sgt dopey said:

The ending where you get kissed by blackbird not sure which ending it is

Yeah, this one.

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printz said:

Eh, I prefer the ending where Blackbird is assimilated.

The 'good' one, of course. If you get the other one you missed a large section of the game so I don't feel like playing that path.

Besides, nothing beats a happy ending... :P

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Dunno, I don't see much point in deliberately sabotaging your efforts to get a bittersweet ending because that makes a better story. Playing a game isn't writing a story. All three stories are already written.

Getting the best ending is a reward for having played the game in the best way; it's kinda like getting the top row on the high scores in an arcade game. Trying to play sub-optimally because you think third place is better doesn't make much sense to me.

I'd rather see that question asked for Urban Brawl. If it were possible to have an ending where you save the cop and rebuild your life with that woman, that'd be my favorite.

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