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Increasing HUD size?

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I've made a DooM 64-style HUD for GZDoom and I got it to work but their is one problem, the font isn't very big. I'm very new to SBARINFO so you guys might have to explain in detail how to do it.

This is my current HUD:

Height 0;
Resolution 320, 240;

StatusBar FullScreen, FullScreenOffSets, 0.5
	DrawImage "STHEALTH", 29, -37;
	DrawNumber 2147483647, HUDFONT_DOOM, Red, Health, Alignment(Center), 49, -25;
	DrawNumber 2147483647, HUDFONT_DOOM, Red, Ammo1, Alignment(Center), 0+Center, -25;
	DrawImage "STARMOR", -67, -37;
	Drawnumber 2147483647, HUDFONT_DOOM, Red, Armor, Alignment(Center), -49, -25;
	DrawSwitchAbleImage KeySlot 2 && 5, "NULLIMAGE", "STKEYS0", "STKEYS3", "STKEYS3", 78, -24;
	DrawSwitchAbleImage Keyslot 3 && 6, "NULLIMAGE", "STKEYS1", "STKEYS4", "STKEYS4", 88, -24;
	DrawSwitchableImage KeySlot 1 && 4, "NULLIMAGE", "STKEYS2", "STKEYS5", "STKEYS5", 98, -24;

StatusBar InventoryFullScreen, FullScreenOffSets
	DrawInventoryBar Doom, Translucent, 7, INDEXFONT, -106+Center, -31;
Thanks for any help.

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