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GZDOOM: polyobj under 3D floor issue

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So I'm attempting to make a swinging door underneath a 3D floor... making the place look like a house. It looks fine from the inside, but on the outside, it has some issues.


The sector for the door is set for floor 0 and ceiling 1024. The 3D floor is set for floor 256 and ceiling 272 (so it's 16 units tall). I tried setting the door sector to 256 ceiling but it didn't have any effect. Also, the door sector has a tag of 1 for the 3D floor.


the 3D floor is the left sector. It's working fine. The door is on the right... I placed the polyobj anchor 1 unit below the start line, and did the same where the door goes.


I tried adding a 3D floor to the door sector, but that didn't seem to accomplish much (though I didn't invest too much time into that idea just yet). Am I trying to do something beyond GZDOOM's capabilities, or am I simply doing something wrong?

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How about using 2-sided and 3dmidtex linedefs for the polyobjects instead? Use explicit-line to set them up, and make sure the texture absolute Z coordinate in the control sector matches the Z coordinate of the target position.

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...ya lost me. :) Sounds like something beyond anything I've ever done before, and I'm not 100% sure I understand what you're saying. Got an example?

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Well.. You know the dummy sector you have outside of the map, that contains the polyobject? The polyobject is a deleted sector, right? Simply draw a sector there again, and assign middle-textures to the polyobject's now 2-sided linedefs, and also flag them as impassable (or whatever you desire).

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