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Infighting DECORATE

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I'm working on a Zombie mod and I'm not satisfied with the infighting inbetween the new +FRIENDLY Monster and the zombies. The zombie is always targeting the player unless He's attack several times by the doctors (+FRIENDLY MONSTER)Is there any settings or anything that can help me? "Cause I want to add an other monster who attack both Civilian and zombies. New Character are FEMA agent who kill the survivors.

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I don't know if you can change monster behavior that specifically. You might have to script the monsters to target each other manually--just give your friendly monsters a certain TID and make the zombies angry at them; This will cause them to activate as soon as the script does, so maybe you want to have an event other than OPEN or ENTER to execute the script (Like a line walkover). You could also give the Zombies the QUICKTORETALIATE flag so they attack whatever's attacking them.

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