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I began drawing portraits as well from google images (I'll post one later)

But then went full blown trying to copy Baizley's style, like I said I'd attempt.


And now this one, which I love for some reason, and am still working on:

:see link below:

Thoughts, please?

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Don`t know what to say except that the anatomy is WAY off...

Anatomy takes A LOT of practise and studying to do right. So I guess...just keep doing it =)

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You're jumping into detail with no underdrawing or structure. You haven't done a sketch, which is a necessity when you're learning.

Instead of all these prog rock drawings why don't you focus on drawing people for a little while before you start shoehorning in cool shit.

If you're really interested in just jumping in you might want to try some inkbrush drawings, because it's not like you can exactly erase them. The permanence might make you think more.

Good luck!

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