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Well, I don't have quite much knowledge about the entire "modding-doom part" at all, so that's the reason I came here.

Anyway, I, as anyone here (probably) enjoy playing Doom, specially if it is multiplayer. The problem is I have no way of playing it instead of using the splitscreen modes of nonactive old ports like Doom Legacy. Sure, you might think "lol what a loser", but that's the truth.

What's most impressive is that almost all wads I downloaded (I downloaded the noteworthy list in doomwiki) worked, except for, of course, the ones in pk3 extension. And that finally brings me to the purpose of creating this thread:
From my point of view, there are three possibilities:
1- I give up on playing pk3 wads
2- Supposing that's even possible, I find out how to play splitscreen games with pk3 files in Legacy or any other port that supports it.
3- I try to make a wad out of the pk3

for 2, I tried many different versions of legacy, including the svn builds. I don't really know, but it seems they aren't updating it anymore, since the newest svn version is from 2007. Also, I tried EDGE and Doom3D, and none of them seem to be able to read pk3 files.
for 3, don't think I didn't search information about that on google, and I even tried to create a wad from the few information I got about it. The problem is that the people who mentioned it spoke a language I don't know. I mean, it's too technical for me, as, like I said before, I don't have much knowledge on doom-modding.

Well, this topic isn't all entirely about a source port, but I couldn't find a better place to create it. If I did it in the wrong place, please, apologize me.

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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Mods in PK3 format are most probably created for ZDoom, GZDoom or Skulltag (or all three). There is also a possibility you found a mod created for Doomsday or Vavoom. In none of these case will they work in Legacy. (G)ZDoom/Skulltag mods, in particular, tend to use an entirely different map format (either the Hexen format or UDMF).

About SVN builds, if what you found hasn't been updated since 2007, then it's no longer reflective of actual development, since wesleyjohnson has been active more recently. The latest official version is still 1.44 alpha 3 from late 2011.

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Thanks for the clarification on the pk3 thing. And you are actually right about the version, but, still, I also tried to run pk3 on that version you told me. Of course, judging by what you say, that shouldn't make any difference.

Still, thanks again. :)

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Sorry, but my internet access computer has been down for 3 days due to a Microsoft automatic update and all my bookmarks are not accessible. (Another machine that is overdue for conversion to Linux)

DoomLegacy SVN moved to SourceForge two years ago and is being updated about every month.
SourceForge also has the DoomLegacy bug report and feature requests.


Latest SVN was updated in Jan, Feb, Mar of 2012.
See DoomLegacy page at http://doomlegacy.sourceforge.net/

>>> svn co https://doomlegacy.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/doomlegacy doomlegacy


There are new alpha releases on the DoomLegacy home page.
The beta releases on the SourceForge downloads site are really, really old.
The alpha releases on the DoomLegacy site are the latest, but they are released as alpha (looking for possible bugs yet).

Doom Legacy 1.44 alpha3 released July 2011.

There will probably be an alpha4 soon, as there have been major changes since alpha3.

Split screen has some major fixes as of fall 2011.

New drawing in bpp 16, bpp 24, and bpp 32.

Working on new fog (as of last night).

Wesley Johnson, DoomLegacy development team.

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Cool man. I glad the project didn't die. Thanks for posting the links and for making it all much more clear to me.

Just curious on one thing though: somewhere in legacy wiki it says the 2.0 version is gonna support pk3 files. Will this still be done or has it been done already?

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I work on the 1.44 line of development.
It continues the original code line, with enhancements in play ability, 3d floors, and some other experimental stuff. I especially like the experimental stuff. That and a ton of bug fixes.
Not all of the rendering problems have been fixed yet, there still is the 3dfloor vrs sprite rendering fight, and some water and fog rendering issues.

I am currently working on fog, water, and color map effects, (and coronas sometime), trying to make them work on all the rendering modes,
paletted drawing, 16 bpp, 24 bpp, and 32 bpp, and OpenGL drawing.
Some of the 2.0 code has been brought over to 1.44.
But much of the new work on the 1.44 line of development would have to be ported to 2.0 sometime.

The 2.0 line of development is separate and involves different people.
The 2.0 line involved transfer of the code to C++ and inclusion of Hexen support. It got stalled at the networking code and has not progressed due to the lack of someone willing to tackle the network code.
I do not know of such details about pk3 files and what the 2.0 team planned for them.

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wesleyjohnson said:

The 2.0 line of development is separate and involves different people.

Is 2.0 still being worked on?

EDIT: Duh, didn't read the last couple of lines properly.

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