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Hey! dsm!

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Well of course, but you have to be patient - writing good stories takes time. One shouldn't rush 'em, because the result would be lousy.

I usually release a chapter once a week - sometimes it takes two whole weeks before I release a chapter and sometimes (like last week) I release two chapters in close succession.
It all depends on how many good ideas I get within a single week.

But don't worry, I'm still working on Doom - Evil Unleashed and chapter 1.7 should be up soon.

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Not that it probably matters to you but I noticed you skipped on of the levels out of the story, you forgot the Military Base after the Toxin Refinery =)

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I deliberately excluded the military base. Originally, I intended to avoid using any of the Doom installations, but I decided that some of them could make sense if I did my stuff right.

I cut out the military base because I didn't want to make my story longer than necessary (and it will not be the only base structure I leave out).

But most of the structures in my story aren't true to the game in regards to looks (Crendowing's stories are much more true to the game in that respect), because I'm aiming at more realistic environments.

There, I hope I cleared a few things up.

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