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How Did These Codings Get Into These Levels of The Original Doom Games?

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I have a question about these levels from the original Doom games.

In E1M8 of Doom, the walls surrounding the arena would lower after killing the two barons. A similar action would happen if you were to kill the Spider Mastermind boss in E4M8.

In E2M8 and E3M8 of Doom, the level would end if you were to kill the boss from those levels.

In MAP07 of Doom 2, the walls would lower after killing all the mancubus monsters in the level and then the stairs to the exit switch would raise after killing all the arachnotrons in that level as well.

How did these work if there were no ZDoom/Skulltag codings to these levels, and are there more levels with special actions like the ones I just mentioned?

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The answer is obvious; they were coded in. It's no different to the fact that a splash screen appears after ExM8 or that a level ends after you kill a Boss Brain.

Generally speaking most of them revolve around hardcoded things happening to sectors with tags of 666 or 667 or the level ending, once all of X hardcoded bad guy type is dead, on hardcoded map numbers.

The only exception is the Commander Keens on Map32 of Doom2; the hardcoded effect that happens when you kill all of them on a map, can occur on any map.

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