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DOOM not loading flats in Doombuilder/SLADE?

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Hi guys,

I've got a few different DOOM IWADS on my hard drive from way back. I've been into it since the floppy disc days, so I'm not even sure of the source of all these files anymore. I'm sure at least one is the Ultimate Doom version.

Anyway, I want to map for the original DOOM - not the shareware version, but the full thing. The problem is that the flats seem to be missing with all the copies I've tried.

Doom.wad 11,700 KB
Doom1.wad 4,098 KB (shareware)
Doom3.wad 12,118 (don't know what this is)

Regardless of using Doombuilder or SLADE, the FLATS seem to be missing on Doom.wad

The only file which works ok, is Doom1.wad

Is this a common problem - am I missing something obvious?


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Just hazarding a guess - I'd say two wads have been patched for partial/total conversions and not reverted afterwards. Doom3.wad looks to be about the right size for Ultimate Doom (12,408,292 bytes).

I think a visit to the Steam shop or eBay (where there's usually several second-hand copies) might be in order.

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You are totally right. I managed to find the right version and it works fine. I don't know how I ended up with so many copies over the years.

Thanks for your help!

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