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Found something old and rather sucky kicking around

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OK so I found this old wad kicking around, doing nothing... never put it out because I never finished it, and I made it when I was still new at mapping. It was meant to be for some slaughtermap compilation someone was doing sometime way back then there in those older days of DW... 2009 or so, maybe? Meh... I have no idea. Anyway, figured I'd put it out there, in case anyone wanted to see just how horrible it is. I suppose no one really started out a mapping genius, right? :)


It just contains MAP20... no new monsters, no new textures, no ACS scripting or DECORATE trickery... it might even run on vanilla DOOM2.EXE... but I've never tested that hypothesis.

And here's some screenshots for kicks:


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Eponasoft said:

no new monsters, no new textures, no ACS scripting or DECORATE trickery...

Oh my, it must really be terrible then.

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