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Marnetmar's Abandoned Shit!

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Hey guys, I got bored so I decided to clean out my scrapped wads, but I didn't want the maps to all go to waste so I figured I could share them with the community. You may feel free to use any part of any of these maps in whatever projects you want, and you don't have to give me credit.

This probably isn't even half of them, so stay tuned for more. Don't expect anything really good, you'll probably have to wade through a literal sea of unplayable maps before you reach anything interesting. Remember, they were abandoned for being...well, shit. Some of them are just the result of me fucking around in the editor.

Anyway, if you're still curious you can get the stuff here.


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Some of these are good enough to actually make something nice with. If you don't mind, I'd like to spruce them up a bit and put together a nifty lil map set with them... some of them combine well to form full levels, and with a little care here and there, these could make some fun old-school maps. There's enough decent material here to put together a four-map episode, combining a few of the maps and map concepts you've got going on here.

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Heh, ok :) well, here's what I've done so far... I found a way to combine id7.wad with idmarnet.wad to make one cohesive level. It's been reworked for GZDOOM. All of the switches were reassigned to new things, so the maps don't play exactly like they did originally. Also, I've added new monsters, weapons, and textures... STARTANx was swapped out for some of TRaK's metallic textures, which gives everything a darker and more futuristic look.

The map thus far.

Replaced textures. This is where the maps merge; I changed the ascending stairs to descending stairs, since the second map was lower around the merge point.

Skybox. Reused the one that I used in the RPG project for now, till I find one more suited for this project.

These large square lights are one of the new additions I've made so far... they're also a TRaK texture.

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