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Doom2 line special 141 question

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I'm wondering if anyone could tell me why, after crossing either line 1691 or 1704 in icarus.wad map 01 the crusher sound is heard. Line type 141 claims to be a silent crusher type.

Edit... I think I've worked it out. Just using sector 339 as an example, player crosses line 1568 so sector lowers to a floor height of 0, then player crosses line 1633 so floor of sector 339 rises to a height of 0. Player then crosses line 1691 and since sector 339 has a floor/ceiling height of 0 the sound DSPSTOP rapidly plays.

... I would have deleted this but couldn't...

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hawkwind said:

... I would have deleted this but couldn't...

And I am happy with that. It's interesting to know that actually.

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