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Firetop Mountain (wip)

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Hi all (or to anyone who cares!)

I'm working on my first new project in over 10 years. Actually started making this back in the late 90s or so before I took a "hiatus" so to speak. The idea for the map is based off of those old Fighting Fantasy books where you used dice and blah blah, particularly the first book The Warlock of Firetop Mountain. Back in the day I sketched out the map as described in the book and decided to make a Doom level on it.

Fast forward to the present, after recovering all of my old Doom stuff off of my old hard drive I found the original project sitting there. Now in the age of source ports and DoomBuilder I've decided to give it another crack at finishing it.

Here are some screens, I've finished most of the structure work, working on enemy and thing placement now and some minor detailing. Hope to have this completed before I head over to Brazil in the next few weeks.


Be kind, I'm pretty much still a noob at mapping!

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As things currently stand, I'd say it looks over-scaled. However, I've no idea how you intned it to play, so that may not be an issue.

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