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General Rainbow Bacon

Textures don't show up in editor

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General Rainbow Bacon said:

I want to use Baker's legacy texture pack, and Hexen 2 textures, but when I load them as resources in DB2 nothing shows up in the files.

Just telling us that you loaded 2 texture packs into Doombuilder2 is not exactly helpful.

General Rainbow Bacon said:

What do I do?

What have you done?

Relying on someone's ability of mindreading is not the best way to get a problem resolved.

First in importance would be to know what port are you mapping for. Once we know that, some appropriate help could be given.

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Open your pwad with Slade3.
Also open the texture pwads.

Copy everything from, and icluding, PP_START to FF_END, from one texture pwad and paste into your pwad below the last lump.

Then copy the texture lumps of the other texture pwad, everything between the PP_ markers, and paste them into your pwad, also between the PP_ markers. Do the same for the texture lumps between FF_ markers.

Then highlight every texture between the PP_ markers in your pwad, rightclick, select GFX, then Add to TEXTUREx, to create the TEXTURE1 and PNAMES lumps.

Save your pwad. Close all pwads.

Load your pwad into Doombuilder2. All textures should be available.

After you have completed your map, delete all unused textures to reduce the pwad size.

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Okay, it worked. Thanks. One more thing. In BAK_LEG.wad the floor textures and wall textures aren't separated. If I want to make it so they show up right, what do i do?

E: The flats are just thrown in with everything else.

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For Boom:

Patches are power of 2 textures, eg:
8x128, 32x128,64x128, 256x256 etc. and go between PP_ markers.

Then go through the 'Add to TEXTURE1' process again.

Flats are 64x64 and go between FF_ markers.

I just had a look at BAK_LEG.wad. The textures are in between TX_ markers, indicating that this pwad was intended for ZDoom.

Why TX_ markers you might ask.
This way, ZDoom can use any of those textures on a wall or on a floor, whereas for BOOM these textures have to be sorted out into patches and flats and cannot be intermingled.

Plus one more item. There are no TEXTURE1 and PNAMES lumps in this pwad, because ZDoom does not use them.

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Kappes Buur said:

For Boom:
Patches are power of 2 textures

O rly? How about SUPPORT2 patch in doom2.wad?

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Patches can be whatever size they want.

Textures are generally multiples of eight, though I don't think it's necessary. If you want them to tile correctly vertically in all exes, you'll have to use heights of 128. Many ports allow vertical tiling at any dimension, but vanilla will give you tutti-frutti and until recently ZDoom kinda glitched out, too.

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Could someone make BAK_LEG.wad so it works in Boom? I really like the textures in it, I think limiting it for zdoom was a dumb idea IMO. I think limiting anything to one port is a dumb idea actually.

E: It seems that a lot of the texture packs on Realm667 are like this. Would it be possible to make boom compatible versions of those texture packs so that people can use them wherever they want? Maybe posting a file how to do it would be beneficial to everyone.

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Quite often, the textures are paletted outside of Doom's PLAYPAL. Not limiting to one port would generally mean palette rape everything so that it can be used with the Doom playpal, and too bad if you wanted to use them for Heretic and they'll get palette-raped again when converted back the other way around.

It's super easy to convert TX_ PNG textures for vanilla. Here's a seven-step dance for it.

Step #1: select everything that's between TX_START and TX_END
Step B - right-click, Gfx->Convert to...
Step the Third: choose destination palette if needed and click on "Convert All"
profit step omitted
Fifth step: right-click, Gfx->Add to TEXTUREx
Step 6°) Choose to import TEXTURE1 textures from base resource archive
<step number="seven">Save</step>

Q: Do I need to delete TX_START/TX_END? A: Nope, vanilla won't care.
Q: Do I need P_START/P_END in there somewhere? A: Nope, vanilla won't care.
Q: Will it still work in ZDoom? A: Yep.
Q: The colors are all ugly now! A: This is not a question.

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Browse through the textures, selecting all 64x64 ones. Copy/paste them to the end. Put F_START/F_END markers around them. Select them all, right-click convert, choose "Doom Flat (Paletted)" as the format. Convert all, save, there you go.

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