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Three vanilla techbases

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I'm trying to get in the habit of releasing more of my stuff rather than letting it rot on my HDD for months/years, so I figured I'd distribute these maps publicly to get some feedback:


These were originally created for an add-on episode to the PSX TC. Not too long after I finished MAP01 (MAP02 was actually the first one created) I lost interest in having a PSX TC exclusive wad and decided to make the episode for vanilla instead. Then I did nothing with it for half a year, before finally finishing MAP03.

Some map-specific comments:

MAP01: Pretty short, linear map. I'm not sure how happy I really am with this one, but its length fits the MAP01 slot. I know about that floating health bonus; was feeling lazy and didn't bother fixing it for this version since it's so minor. I plan on doing more with the courtyard eventually.

MAP02: This was originally an old, unreleased tribute to Doom 2 MAP02 - it was called Underfalls. A version of this converted for DM (it kind of sucks) is featured as MAP11 in nitrodm1.wad.

MAP03: The central "hub" and outside area are designed based on Romero's original E1M6 layout. This is the least linear of the three, but it's still really short.

MAP04, MAP05: Just starting areas. MAP05's start (last screenshot up there) is from another really old scrap of mine.

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MAP01 was kinda meh but 02 and 03 are very fun maps with interesting layouts, good classic design and excellent lighting. Moarrrr!

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I liked the sequence break in MAP02; never thought about trying that, even though I knew the same thing was possible in MAP03, to get the plasma gun early. Not nearly as difficult as that jump over the lowered bridge, though. Going to leave that in; I might even put an unofficial secret area behind one of the rock walls.

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I'm a sucker for tech bases and these are nice little maps that, IMO, really capture what playing Doom in that kind of environment is all about. Good fun!

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