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Viscra Maelstrom

Doomworld's Desktop Wallpaper Thread [Read the image-posting rules in the FAQ]

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Only Disgusting Porn and Bleeding Vag. Mrthejoshmon inspired me, what can I say!

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I did say I was going to... Figured I'd show it at 50% of it's actual size though, as 1080p is a bit unnecessarily large to show a screenshot of a desktop! Obviously IRL it's all a bit clearer than this:

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Obsidian said:

creepy cool wallpaper

link where you found the wallpaper? I like this one over the ones I'm getting via google search.

edit: never mind m8, I found it when I searched a bit more on Google images.

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Memfis said:

I had black background for many years but something made me change it recently.

Same here. I decided to spruce up my desktop with this quick background that wasn't a major transition from my usual black.

Download if anyone wants the wallpaper.

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I'm running two monitors using Display Fusion set to swap wallpapers every 24 hours on both from a folder with a few hundred choices.

I don't like icon messes so I've been using RocketDock to keep that stuff organized.

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I honestly prefer my desktop background to be pitch black, so that nothing distracts my attention and nothing disturbs my eyes when I get to see it randomly or when I search for icons there. Am I the only one? I consider pitch black a very eye-pleasing background colour specifically for desktop, where there's no text that I keep reading for hours - as opposed to internet pages, where are prefer a white background with black text, or a color setup like Doomworld has.

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