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Can Doom Run On a Samsung Brightside?

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I just got a brand new Samsung Brightside phone this Wendsday which is the Samsung Brightside. It is a 3G phone that has a touchscreen and here is a picture of it:

I was wondering if there was a way to get Doom to run on this phone because it would be nice to have Doom on the go in one of the ways you can do so. Do I have to install some source port on my phone along with the IWADs?

If you can help me, then please do so.

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It doesn't even seem to be an Android phone, so in that case the answer is a clear 'no'.
Most of these cheap ass phones only have very poor Java VMs for software support and those aren't even close to powerful enough to run any even remotely performance hungry games.

The reviews for this phone are pathetic. If you bought this POS, my condolences. :D

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