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New Devices for Police to Abuse

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Long Range Acoustic Devices to be Used on Chicago Protesters

Chicago police are preparing to use Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD) on protesters during the G-8/NATO Summit. LRAD devices send sounds, warnings and tones that are painful to the human ear. The use of LRAD devices are controversial. According to the ACLU of Pennsylvania, a bystander during the Pittsburgh protests in 2009 has sued the city of Pittsburgh for hearing loss and pain resulting from the use of LRAD.

A long range acoustic device (LRAD). (Photo: Lrad Corp) The summit begins in Chicago on May 20 and will last several days. Protesters are expected to turn out in large numbers. Chicago police say they will attempt to learn from the Pittsburgh police's handling of protests at the G20 Summit in 2009, where LRAD machines were used as well.

Yeah old technology, but a deadly force to be used on civilians.

EDIT: Apparently, this technology was used at last years G20 summit, and has caused permanent hearing loss to spectators.

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"Chicago Police say they do have an LRAD available for use. It sends out live or recorded messages in a narrow sound beam. So you can hear the messages with clarity several hundred yards away. Police say that is how they intend to use it -- as a communications tool."

"Ahhh! Chainsaw! The great communicator!" - Doomguy

Why can't they hold these damn summits somewhere out of the way where they're less like to be disturbed - like Chernobyl!

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Ironically, the vast amounts of money spent on these international circle-jerks could be put to good use elsewhere. At least some cocks cops can have some fun stomping on skulls, but civilians, please bring your cell phones.

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