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Polyobject mirror mishap - ZDoom - Doom Builder 2

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I'm using Doom in Hexen format, & I seem to have come across quite a little problem which may or may not be fixable.

This is really the first time I've dabbled into polyobjects, & it started out somewhat successfully but now I've hit a brick wall.

The problem is I am trying to implement a two-polyobject system with a little sandwich crushing wall action. I am trying to make two polyobjects of finite height, yet I cannot get my polyobjects to mirror properly, having followed all the proper mirroring steps.

The thing is, when I first made the polyobjects, they were void spaces with single-sided line defs, & pressing a switch would trigger both the polyobject & its mirror to crush the player betwixt them like I wanted. But of course the problem being that the polyobjects were of infinite height & thus made the area look weird & lose its functionality.

So I went to the dummy sector, made the void spaces into sectors, again changed the lines defs to single-sided ones, & adjusted each polyobject sector to the appropriate height I desired.

So now in doing that I have somehow severed the mirror-ability of the 2 polyobjects, & upon pressing the switch which activates them to crush the player, only one of the finite-height polyobjects moves as intended.

Is there any way to overcome this? I could foresee just making the switch linedef be an activated script which individually activates each polyobject, but then again that would defeat the purpose of mirroring the polyobjects as was possible with the void spaces.

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Polyobjects that aren't void need to be created with Polyobj_ExplicitLine. All lines in the polyobject need to use this special; with the same parameters except for "order", where the lines must be numbered in sequence.

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Thanks a lot, this may be very helpful in the future. Having done a good bit of experimental polyobject testing at this point, I realize now that even if I can give the polyobjects the appearance of having a finite height, the polyobjects themselves cannot be walked over even in 3-D form, which was one of my original intentions.

But all in all, a good learning experience.

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