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gggmork - list of mork maps with demos

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Let's make a complete list of gggmork's wads and then upload them to /idgames without his permission. Jay Kay.

10/09/2007 - WAD - Thread: an unfinished intricate map
10/14/2007 - WAD - Thread: most complex/interesting linedef actions
10/28/2007 - NOTUNNAMEDv2 - Thread: hell revealed inspired - non-linear zdoom level
12/05/2007 - gggmork01 - Thread: hard copy/paste level
02/17/2008 - threeMaps - Thread: 3 hard pseudo maps
02/05/2008 - WAD - Thread: 2 lame silent teleport tricks
05/01/2008 - easierPaste - Thread: made a doom2 level
05/08/2008 - WAD - Thread: crazy ass stair architecture (now stairs MUTATE)
06/04/2008 - hugeProjectileWall - Thread: made a zdoom level
07/26/2008 - WAD - Thread: simple short zdoom map (2.1.7 only?)
08/27/2008 - ggg001 - Thread: very hard nonlinear chaotic map
10/20/2008 - myOriginal1024Map30 - my1024theRealOneggg - Thread: my 1024 map (spam - finished)
12/02/2008 - WAD - Thread: Weird 'artistic' map (unfinished)
12/12/2008 - upsidedown222 - Thread: upside down EDIT: now u 'walk' on ceiling :) (doom2 - map1)
10/30/2008 - go2 - go3 - go4(v1) - go4(v2) - go8 - Thread: 'Gameplay Only' Mini Slaughter Maps
01/27/2009 - WAD - Thread: hollow face illusion (face 'follows' you)
03/22/2009 - bbb - ccc - Thread: A second cruelly hard map
05/09/2009 - MISSING - Thread: ggg weird maps
07/20/2009 - justGo - justGoTwo - justGoThree - xweEdit2 - Thread: copy/paste maps (2nd map finished)
10/07/2009 - pockets - Thread: hard gameplay-only map 'pockets'
10/14/2009 - zdoomACS - Thread: messing around with zdoom acs (update 10-17)
08/20/2009 - ggg12unfin - Thread: 12 unfinished weird artish maps (in 1 wad)
11/08/2009 - feckyoo - Thread: feckyoo boom maps (map3 finished)
03/02/2009 - REPLACED - Thread: more unfinished weirdness
09/21/2010 - movingmess - Thread: zdoom acs moving floor/ceiling complexity
09/24/2010 - gpRespawn - Thread: randomized monsters/pickups acs experiment
12/03/2010 - gpRespawnXWE - Thread: hard zdoom map w/ randomized enemies/items
12/11/2010 - slightlydiff222 - Thread: monsterless unfinished zdoom map if you're bored
12/28/2010 - fffart01 - fffart02 - fffart03 - Thread: fffart maps
04/30/2011 - crapmap - Thread: crapmap
05/20/2011 - impseV2 - Thread: yo - I made a new map - g
03/25/2012 - doom2-4xbigger - Thread: doom2 scaled 4x bigger (horizontally & vertically)

07/01/2009 - spriteTestzdoom
09/27/2009 - txtrDelete
11/06/2009 - zdACS
09/19/2010 - evolvePast
12/07/2010 - acsTestszdoom
12/25/2010 - caterpillarDELETEtest222zdoom
01/19/2011 - trick
02/17/2011 - animate
07/01/2011 - sideviewzdoom

11/08/2007 - http://www.doomworld.com/vb/post/694878
06/09/2008 - http://www.doomworld.com/vb/post/724296
05/09/2009 - http://www.doomworld.com/vb/post/780692

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Yays, I leik attention

I searched through my mess of folders and found the main stuff:

Things some might not have seen yet:

zdoomacs.wad (zdoom/script weirdness)

*my 2 original 1024 maps (better versions imo):
my1024therealone... (folder)
myoriginal1024map30 (folder)

*acstests/movingMess and movingMound (zdoom for both probably)

gprespawn.wad (in acstests folder too) was a scripted zdoom battle

Most people already saw ggg12unfin (12 maps in 1 wad) probably (i think all the other maps are map1 only, except the map30 1024 map).

Most gameplay oriented maps are for boom, most script/weird ones are for zdoom, all doom2. Some retarded stuff or unfinished tests etc included, lots of hard boom gameplay maps with some demos.

By the way, I've been trying to code random doom architecture with python, also do stuff like be able to draw a rectangular area of floors only, and paste it onto a rectangular area of ceilings only (so floors/ceils don't have to 'match' sort of and instead combine into more intricate sectors) and auto-align textures. But I suck at programming and my 700 or so line program toppled over in hopelessness, then I built it again and it toppled again. Absolutely unfixable bug ridden catastrophe.

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gprespawn.wad in previous link was the wrong version.
Delete that, and use gprespawnxwe.wad instead which has demos (couldn't find a demo that maybe phml or someone did of it):

(also remembered that movingmound is the same as whats at the end of this map)

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Hella thx! I sorted out everything I could in the gggmaps.zip you posted by comparing wad and forum dates, but there's still a bunch of old stuff missing. I'll look on my doom computer, but I think all the stuff I have has already been posted. :(

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Thanks ToD and gggmork for this.

*bookmarks page*

I have crapmap.wad and impse.wad on my desktop, I play through them all the time as warm up maps. :D

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