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Chex Warrior

A Valley Without Wind

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Anyone checked out/heard of this game?

The best way I can describe it is as some sort of roguelike action platformer game with a little bit of citybuilding. You journey around randomly generated continents exploring, and gathering supplies for your settlement in hopes to become strong enough to beat the Overlord that rules over the land. There is a demo available on the homepage.

I personally am really enjoying it, I was skeptical at first (the graphics still strike me as odd) but its a ton of fun. I should throw out that permadeath is not optional, however losing a character isn't as big of a deal as it seems.

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i'll have to give it a go soon.
the graphics look like they are inspired by shadow of the beast.

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gggmork said:

The title looks like it was inspired by a butt crack.

Those can actually have a lot of wind.

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