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Sooper seekrit projekt

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Raid On Suburbia II: This Time, We Blow Up Your Swingset.


Seriously though... looks pretty nifty so far. :)

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walter confalonieri said:

Look really cool, align better the octagonal window ceiling in the first shot and everything gonna be alright....

The area inside the mall is going to get a complete and total overhaul texture-wise. I made most of the textures in the other shots myself, though.

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Dragonsbrethren said:

You need a lot more lighting variation and a lot less repetitiveness.

esselfortium said:

This looks like an early-90s low budget Doom clone, and not in a good way.

How could I improve the map? I'm not really sure how I could increase lighting variation besides adding shadows being cast from buildings. Also, what's a good way to increase variation besides adding more colors of houses (which I plan to do soon)?

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For lighting, yeah add shadows, but add brighter areas too, and don't forget about sector effects. As for repetitiveness, less copying and pasting the same elements over and over again, use textures and flats that repeat less obviously if you're going to use them over a large area, have less boxiness in the interior area.

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Get rid of some of the houses and give them fenced in yards. With this you can add different arrangement of yard elements such as gardens, sheds, trees and such. Only if you didn't intend on the openness between houses as a part of the gameplay.

Add hills and lumps to the field to break up the flatness. Maybe add dirt gardens. Also put a dirtbox type thing around the swings so it adds diversity to the scene.

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