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Different Sky textures

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Would anyone have a good site that has different sky textures one could use for doom? I don't know how to edit the sky images so the doom engine can use it so if it fits the same dimensions the doom engine understands then I can use them. Any help would be appreciated. I'm looking for a good earth level sky. I already have a Hell sky texture so I'm all set.

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I haven't looked at these in-game as I was looking for something to use with ZDoom, so...

edit: oh! This has the original true color images included and maps to view the different skies in-game! I wondered why I left this on my hardrive.

Thanks, MasterofJKD :/

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Sky textures are just regular wall textures, so the images must be in Doom's Gfx/patch picture format, and then you must use TEXTURE1 or TEXTURE2 to define them.

It's possible to create larger skies than in the original Doom IWADs this way. The Unholy Trinity is a pioneer in that, but you'll also see it in TNT: Evilution's skies (which are made of four 256x128 patches, for a total size of 1024x128), and in two of Plutonia's skies (SKY2 is four patches for 1024x128; SKY3 is two patches for 512x128).

If you're aiming for vanilla or Boom, all you need to know is that the sky texture has to be named SKY1 (MAP01--MAP11), SKY2 (MAP12--MAP20) or SKY3 (MAP21--MAP32) depending on the level.

If you're targeting ZDoom instead, there's a bunch of other trivia.

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