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dhtp won't work in skulltag

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ok so I go here. To the official doom hi res texture pack site.
And download the pack made for skulltag. I try starting it manually (clicking on it, dragging on skulltag.exe), and putting it in the directory they specify (/skulltag/skins) to start it automatically.

Neither of these work. I start it and it just loads normal old low res textures. Is there something I'm doing wrong or not doing?

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sgt dopey said:

Try running it in OpenGL mode (Hardware)

Yeah I did that. And tried checking the gl compatibility mode. It refuses to work.

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The ZDoom software renderer works just fine with high resolution textures, so it wouldn't have been the problem anyway.

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omg never mind. I didn't even think to go into open gl options until now, "enable hi res textures" was set to no. Well I feel retarded lol :P. This thread can be deleted or whatever if anyone cares.

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