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I thought that we already had a good solution devised: keep the existing versions and rename them to make room for the new versions with the original names.

As for rebuttals to your points:

1. I don't really know if in the majority of cases that this will be a problem, since the fixed alignment is for cases in PWADs with more detailed sector design than what's typically seen in Freedoom level of detail.
2. This is not a concern. This problem can easily be averted by downloading one of the nightly builds, so you, as a level developer, could have a copy of all implemented changes in time to fix your stuff up.
3. See 2.

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wesleyjohnson said:

Conjecture: If these textures are changed in the next release, then I won't see them until I get that next release.

The simple fact is that this conjecture is incorrect. There's no need to wait for the next release because we have a system in place for tracking the latest changes as they occur (git). This is a collaborative project, and for collaboration to work, we all need to follow what our fellow contributors are doing.

It's easy to follow the latest git changes and update accordingly. Even if you don't have git installed, there's a nice web interface that will list them for you, and as Sodaholic points out, there are nightly builds, so you don't even need to build it yourself.

As I pointed out in my previous comment, there have only been three changes to the texture files in the past two years, and even with Sodaholic's changes I don't anticipate many more than that (texture alignment changes ought to be pretty rare one-off occurrences).

4. Other ideas.??

Would it help if there was a tool that could list all the levels that use a particular texture, so that you can know which ones to go back and check? I can probably put something together that will do that for you.

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Sodaholic said:

I thought that we already had a good solution devised: keep the existing versions and rename them to make room for the new versions with the original names.

I've never liked this idea ever since you first suggested it but found it hard to explain why. I guess I must try harder. Apologies for the incoherency of the following post.

• I can't see it being anything other than a huge maintenance headache. It opens the gate for having freedoom-specific versions of _every texture_ and that's just going to end up a giant mess. I can recognise a slippery slope when I see one :-)

• Incidentally, the hazard stripe that started this whole argument is not limited in its use to GRAY5. There are several other textures that use it, including one that is _a switch_.

• If you're thinking "so what", recall that new switches are much harder to add, being on the wrong side of the iwad/engine boundary.

• I believe it is convenient for level designers to work with the texture names they are used to. As long as the textures are "compatibly similar" - to reuse fraggle's phrase from upthread - with their namesakes there is no problem. Having freedoom-specific names alongside ones that are supposed to match the original game will just confuse people and make it even less likely that freedoom will recruit talented designers.

• Freedoom is a "mission pack" (cf. plutonia, evilution.) It is its own iwad, with its own maps and texture set. The primary users of freedoom's textures are freedoom's maps.

• Although Freedoom does provide the same texture names as the original game so that doom2 pwads have a chance of working with it, it is not meant to be a flawless emulation. If you use a mission pack to play a pwad designed for a different one, it might work—in fact it usually does—but you must expect weirdness.

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Those were not points, they were alternative ideas.

I did not see any GIT updates before the release because I did not have GIT access. I submit stuff through incoming, which is not readable.

Downloading nightly builds has not worked, I just ended up with a copy of the latest freedoom release (daily build doom2.wad). With a dial-up modem, I am not going to try that experiment too many times.

I do not know what those doom1 doom2 daily build files are meant too contain or if they change with every GIT update.
This directory badly needs a text to explain what each of those files actually contains and which GIT commit affects it. It is not as obvious as you think it is, and I cannot figure it out by experimentation because of the download time involved.
Cannot use the levels only or sprites only wads unless I want to try to build the freedoom wad myself, another experiment I try to avoid.

Major problem: the file dates change but the file content does not.
A major problem when it takes 20 minutes to download a 4M file.
Perhaps the daily build ought to create a log file too that indicates content of each of the build files ??

I think it has been a year since I even tried daily builds.
Downloading from there is something I relegate to one of my special trips to the library (100MB/sec download speed), so it helps to know what I am after ahead of time (limited terminal time, timer kicks me off in the middle of a download).

That is the first I saw of that GitHub;
** I have bookmarked the GitHub/FreeDoom site **.

I assume that GitHub is a read-only, no submit access point ??

Is that GitHub an access that should be in the FreeDoom forum submit HowTo ??

Firefox cannot do anything with this URL from the FreeDoom info page.
Download repo:
git clone git://git.savannah.nongnu.org/freedoom.git

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Nice edit. :) I'll admit, all I did was take the Baron fireball, color it red, and use an edited Imp fireball at the end with additive blending to create this.

I'll apply the changes you made to this to the normal Baron fireball later today.

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Despite a passing resemblance to Doom's imp fireball, I guess it's fine...

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