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DECORATE command to execute ACS script in both spawn and death states

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Hi, It has been a long time after I disappeared from this forum.

Now I want to edit the DECORATE so that one ACS script will be executed when thing is spawned and another script is executed after thing is destroyed or dead.

The problem is that when I applied DECORATE code in either Spawn or death state, the DECORATE code is still work. However, when I tried to applied to both states at the same time, ZDoom shows error stating that 'tnt1' is an unknown actor property.

Here is my DECORATE.

Actor TidBFGBall : BFGBall replaces BFGBall
        TNT1 A 0
        TNT1 A 0 ACS_ExecuteAlways(998)
        Goto Super::Spawn
        TNT1 A 0
        TNT1 A 0 ACS_ExecuteAlways(999)
        Goto Super::Death

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The first } is not necessary. All the state labels are part of the States block.

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Oh my... How stupid I am -_-" I didn't notice the bracket and wasted half of a day just because of this.

Thanks for pointing out!

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