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Resource Compiling?

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Is there any tool out there that allows you to select multiple wads and create a resource wad from them without all of the fancy importing type stuff? It'd be really useful.

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GreyGhost said:

I resemble that description. ;-)

Are you saying you're a tool?

I certainly don't think so, heh.

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so like this?:

texture 5
(+map data/lines/vertexes/etc)

(+ map data)

desired resource wad:
(no map data)

and preferably also stuff like color pallets or whatever else
or maybe the resource wad should also have the maps each on a different map slot or something?

also, seems like something slade (3?) might already do, did you try that? (I rarely do that type of stuff so still haven't downloaded it yet)

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Slade is probably as close as Marnetmar's going to get to his ideal wad editor without writing his own code. Being able to open multiple wads to copy/paste content into a custom resource wad is far less tedious than opening them one at a time to export/import in XWE.

andrewj said:

Are you saying you're a tool?

Sort of - I'm a wad editor for people who don't like using wad editors.

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That's one I don't think I've used before, thanks for pointing it out.


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