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Polyobject Anchor rotation

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Hi, so I was wondering if it was possible to rotate a group poly-object around an anchor?

And if it was possible to do the same with things.

and i'm not talking instantaneous teleport, but a translation.

If it is possible could some one help me out in figuring out how I would script it? :)

The reason I ask is because I had an idea for a map, basically a ring maze.


Kind of like that (much smaller scale) and the "rings" are to rotate or shift, moving all the things inside the "ring"

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for zdoom (so u can use acs)?
don't understand 100%, like if I look at that maze and think of any of the concentric circles rotating, then the maze architecture would break anywhere a wall of an outer circle is connected to an inner one. Is it just rings with no 'radius' type walls? What does 'shift' mean exactly?
I've had to figure out how to rotate points around a point before (trigonometry) but almost any other coder can probably make it work better/faster than me.

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Kind of Like this:

Hope that helps make sense of it. :|

Sorry, ok what I meant by shift was... you could do like 1/8th of a turn. if you design the maze as such the walls all line up like in the picture, it becomes possible to shift the maze with out breaking it.

My problem is that I don't know trigonometry very well, nor do I know if poly-objects can rotate like that around an anchor point (the walls of the maze shifting around the center axis). The Trig I might be able to figure out... (though help is appreciated, or direction).

Thanks for the quick reply gggmork

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Polyobjects will rotate around their spawn point. Which doesn't need to be physically attached to the polyobject.

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Thanks gez, that simplifies it (I think it was anchor point, whatever).
I made 2 'layers' of maze-ish rings circling in opposite directions:
Really simple by the way, just using built in functions and things. Most of the things are multiple things on top of eachother, one for each polyobject.
I tried to give them enough room to not hit eachother but it turns out polyobjects can move right through eachother so it wouldn't matter if the grating edges were touching.

Main problem is if the polyobject hits the player it'll stop, but the rest will still circle, messing up the maze. Needs to collision check player and polyobject and if they collide, all polyobjects should stop or something, but not sure if acs can go that fine of grain.
Or the player could rotate with the polyobjects, but you have to rotate him the right direction depending on which ring he's in somehow.

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