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Strife: Weapons of Rebellion 2 - Version 1.3 Released! 8/9/12

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In February of last year, I began modding for ZDoom, and I began it with a little project for Strife called Weapons of Rebellion. I'd only discovered Strife recently, but liked it a lot. Much to my suprise, very little community content had been created for it; a few good maps, and that was it. No weapon mods to be found. I had been learning the rudiments of Decorate at the time, and so when deciding what game I wanted to do a project for, I thought "Why not Strife?" And so Weapons of Rebellion began. It started out simple; faster weapon switches, and eliminating the sisterweapon system in favor of one that made each weapon's sibling an altfire attack. As I learned more and more of Decorate, it expanded little by little.

While I take no credit for starting any trends :p, the Strife scene is certainly looking better today, with talented modders like WildWeasel, Xaser, Sangelothi, TiberiumSoul, ChronoSeth, and Mikk- creating mods, and Khorus working on "Absolute Order", a successor to his Cacoward-winning Strife map "A World in Strife: Raiding the Dam". With all the additions to ZDoom since I shelved this project, I figured it's time to bring it back.

So here is Weapons of Rebellion 2. For those of you who haven't played Weapons of Rebellion, it's like this; drop some of Strife's vanilla weapons, and spice up the rest with those weapons' abilities, plus some all new functions.


Punch Dagger: Press and hold primary fire to stab quicker. Secondary fire throws either a spiderbot or drone turret capsule. Spiderbots are friendly versions of the Stalker and act similarly, while drone turrets are friendly floorbound versions of the ceiling turret. Switch between the two with the "Change Ammo" key. Press secondary fire again after a spider or turret has already been deployed to detonate it. If a spiderbot or turret goes too long without acquiring and attacking a target, it will turn into a capsule for you to pick back up.

Combination Crossbow: Electric bolts and poison bolts are now fired by the same weapon. When electric bolts are equipped, primary fire launches them in a straight line, while secondary fire launches a spread of bolts and electrified projectiles at a higher ammo cost. When poison bolts are equipped, primary fire launches a bolt, while secondary fire enters a 4x zoomed scope. 3 units of bolt ammo are expended for each poison bolt, but if the bolt misses an enemy and sticks into a wall, you can recover it. Switch between the two bolt types with the "Change Ammo" key.

Assault Gun: Primary fire works similarly to the original. Secondary fire launches either a high-explosive or phosphorous grenade. Phosphorous grenades consume 2 grenade ammo units to the Hi-Ex's one unit. Switch between the two with the "Change Ammo" key.

MicroMissile Launcher: Launches minimissiles at a rate of fire improved over the original. There are two altfires for the weapon, a flamethrower and a spread of sticky remote-detonated mines. Switch between the two with the "Change Ammo" key. When mines are equipped, press altfire once to launch mines, then tap the button again to detonate them.

Thrasher: Uses modified Grenade Launcher graphics, but works similarly to the original Mauler. Tap primary fire to launch a spread of energy from one port, or hold it to launch from both ports in quick succession. Secondary fire launches twin torpedoes.

Sigil: No changes from vanilla Strife.

Other Changes:
-Your helmet has a flashlight that runs off a rechargeable battery. On a full charge, you get about thirty seconds of illumination, and the battery will recharge whenever you're not using it. Allowing the battery to run all the way down will cause it to take longer to begin charging again.
-Targeters are replaced by money, since they were really only useful in the early game, and some of the meapon modifications kind of negate this powerup's usefulness.
-Wooden barrels may sometimes drop assault clips, bolts, med patches, medkits or money when destroyed.
-Environmental Suit storage increased from five to six.
-Shadow Armor storage increased to three.

-Weapons of Rebellion 2 requires a up-to-date subversion (SVN) of GZDoom. Many of the features WOR2 uses were added only recently. Go to the DRDTeam SVN Repository to download it.
-Remember to set a key to the "Change Ammo" and "Toggle Flashlight" functions in the Customize Controls menu.


Download Weapons of Rebellion 2 - Version 1.3

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After testing a bit more I found a couple errors; one glaring and one cosmetic. So here's a hotfix for version 1. Check the first post for the download.

Version 1.1 Changelog

-Previously, mine explosions did nail damage, making them way too dangerous to you and too broken to use on enemies.
-Scope graphics nor have the Bright keyword.

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Ooookay, let's try this again... Another hotfix, this time, the mines are ACTUALLY fixed.

Version 1.2 Changelog:
-Nails eliminated from Arbiter Minimine explosion. Damage and damage radius reduced. Dynamic lights added to explosion.
-Nails and naildamage reduced for Droneturret and Spiderbot remote detonation.
-Translation colors changed for gun-equipped enemy Stalkers; they're easier to tell apart from regular Stalkers now.
-Micromissiles now do a little more damage, and in a wider area.

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Version 1.3 is now out! Check the first post for the download.

NOTE: If you intend to play WoR2 on a custom Strife map, use the Lite Edition (wor2v13lite.pk3) in the archive! The Full Edition will BREAK custom Strife maps such as Kaiser's "Return of the Order" and Khorus' "A World In Strife: Raiding the Dam", due to the inclusion of expanded dialog scripts for some maps which will overwrite any dialogue scripts used by the custom map.

V1.3 Changelog:

Dialogue Changes/Fixes (Full Version):
-Dialogues for some characters have been expanded. For example, try talking to Beldin in the Sanctuary, instead of just killing him ;) Macil's advisor at the first Front Base will also have new things to say depending on the mission you're on. Bartenders have an expanded selection of info for sale.
-The names of ammo sold in shops now reflects their new names. Also, prices are changed; crossbow bolts now won't sell for five gold in one place and two hundred in another.
-The altfires for each weapon now must be unlocked through completing certain objectives in the game story, and/or hunting down and talking to certain NPCs. Once a weapon has been upgraded, you'll have access to any and all of the weapon's altfire modes. When playing the Lite Version, all altfires are unlocked from the start.

HUD Changes/Fixes:
-The HUD has been completely revamped, and is based on a HUD by Sky Driver. Both numbers and gauges are shown for health, armor, ammo, and the light's battery power. The gauges will flash and numbers will change color at low levels.
-Active powerup icons in the upper right have been expanded to show time remaining, in number and gauge form.
-While any one of your 3 types of capsule 'bots is present in the level, a "D" next to its icon in the right side of the HUD will be shown. If a bot has run out of targets and turned back into a capsule, a "C" will be displayed next to its icon. If you can reach it, try to pick the capsules up, as they will be gone if you leave the map and return.
-The messages for what altfire you've switched to are FINALLY handled in ACS through fading HUDMessages instead of A_Print. No more messages right in the middle of the screen, and no more flooding the console with messages you don't need to be there!

Player Changes/Fixes:
-Movement speed and jump height reduced to vanilla Strife stats.

Weapon Changes/Fixes:
-A third altfire mode has been added to the Punch Dagger: Mini-Sentinels. They act similarly to the standard Sentinel, and their flight capabilities allow them to go where Spiderbots couldn't.
-Bot capsule ammo capacity reduced from 15 to 12 (24 w/ backpack).
-Hold state fixed for Punch Dagger secondary fire; previously you could throw more than one capsule at a time, without automatically going to the detonate sequence if you held the button down.
-Capsule bot detonations now have dynamic lights, and the bots cast off bits of debris as they blow up.
-A glitch where you would continue to throw bot capsules even when ammo was depleted has been fixed.
-The code of the crossbow while electric bolts are equipped has been completely redone. The old method was over three hundred lines long and a mess of dummy items and checks that never worked completely right no matter how I tweaked it. The new way is shorter, simpler, and just works better. The altfire works a little differently; When you have at least three ammo, press secondary fire to load two extra bolts, then press primary fire to lauch the same "3 arrows + 4 electric projectiles" attack seen previously with this weapon. While 3 bolts are loaded, you will be unable to switch to poison bolts, but you can unload the two extra bolts by pressing secondary fire again.
-Wait between firing poison arrows while scoped has been increased.
-Poison arrows that miss the target and strike walls or floors will alert enemies.
-Movement speed while using the crossbow's scope is reduced.
-Grenade ammo capacity reduced from 50 to 40 (80 w/ backpack).
-Firing Phosphor Grenades now costs 4 ammo units (to justify the huge amount of damage they do).
-The assault gun no longer continues to fire when you have no ammo.
-Hold state for the Assault gun's Phosphor Grenade altfire fixed.
-Offsets fixed for the grenade ammo; before the sprite was below the floor so you couldn't even see the pickup.
-A third altfire mode has been added to the Assault Rifle: Ironsight. Press the secondary fire to zoom in and out. Autofire isn't possible while looking down the barrel, but while zoomed, primary fire shoots one powerful, armor piercing bullet, at the cost of three ammo. It doesn't deal as much damage to biological enemies as a poison bolt does, but on the upside, it does the same amount of damage to bots that it does to acolytes and the like. You also move slower while looking down the barrel.
-The remote sticky mines altfire of the Micromissile Launcher now uses its own ammo. Once the Micromissile Launcher has been modded, Mine ammo pickups may be found where large missile ammo pickups spawn, and are also sold by some ammo vendors in the Full Version.
-The Sigil has FINALLY been replaced. Some of the attacks may not act exactly like the vanilla Sigil (most notably the attack done with the first Sigil piece) as a result of their action functions being somewhat difficult to genericize.

Inventory Fixes/Changes:
-Max capacity of Environmental Suits reduced by 1, to vanilla Strife capacity.
-Full Version: There are three new types of powerup "armor" to go alongside the Shadow Armor. Note that these armors are mutually exclusive; having one active and activating another will cause the former to be deactivated. All three can be bought from a specific vendor, and are found nowhere else in the game. Description, prices and storage capacity are as follows:
-Power Armor doubles damage and costs 300 gold. Three can be carried at a time.
-Reflex Armor increases movement speed and firing rate, and costs 300. Three can be carried at a time.
-Regen Armor recovers your life over time, and costs 400 gold. Only one can be carried at a time.

Enemy Fixes/Changes:
-Previously, if you chose to destroy the Front's Power Coupling for Governor Mourel rather than pick up the Broken Coupling, the scanning crew that would subsequently appear was glitched; even when you defeated them all, the game would not recognize it and the Governor's mansion would not open up again. This has now been fixed.
-Bots have some resistance to standard assault gun rounds, but not the armor piercing rounds fired while ironsighting.
-Full Version: Bots, when defeated, may drop parts. These parts can be sold back to weapon vendors in Town, the New Front Base, and the Order Commons for gold. There are four kinds of parts, and each one is worth more, and rarer, than the last:
-IR Sensors, which look like a dark grey Targeter with red lights, are worth 10 gold.
-Device Boards, which look like a printed circuit board, are worth 25 gold.
-Power Cores, which look like a orange and black cylinder, are worth 50 gold.
-AI Chips, which look like a blue chip, are worth 75 gold.

Misc Changes/Fixes:
-Full Version:Grammatical errors in some logs are now fixed.
-WoR 2 now has a new LOCKDEFS lump; generic "You don't have the key" messages have been replaced with ones that specify the key you need.

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I've only had a very quick look around with this (weapon mods aren't really my thing), but it seems to stick quite closely to the original while making some changes which is nice.

Are you familiar with working on the dialogue scripts? If so, I might get in contact with you later on for some help with that. :)

Necromancer-AMV said:

-WoR 2 now has a new LOCKDEFS lump; generic "You don't have the key" messages have been replaced with ones that specify the key you need.

This would save a lot of time for me. We'll definitely talk at some point. :)

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Khorus said:

Are you familiar with working on the dialogue scripts? If so, I might get in contact with you later on for some help with that. :)

I wouldn't say I'm a expert at it yet, but I'm pretty happy with what I've accomplished here. If you want help on Absolute Order, I'd be happy to help if my skills are sufficient.

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